CSF Officers

President: Nicole Falzone

Junior Biology major from Wellington, Fl.

When I started school here, I knew I wanted to find a strong group of Catholic friends. Little did I know that I was going to be blessed with the entire Catholic Gators community! It is such a gift to be surrounded by so many people who are striving to walk in Christ’s footsteps. The support and love in this community is incredible because the Holy Spirit is so clearly at work here! The ministries here have helped my faith explode. I am so excited to be able to help our community grow this year! We have such a rich and beautiful faith and I love sharing it with everybody!

I love Jesus, the Church, and reading the lives of the Saints. I enjoy playing soccer, watching movies, eating cookie dough, and laughing. I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our community!


Vice President: Luke DeHon

Senior Economics Major 

Hi, as it says above my name is Luke DeHon, I am a 4th year economics major in the College of Business. I am a 1st class Midshipman in the Navy ROTC unit at UF, and a brother in the sigma nu fraternity. I love playing nearly every sport, especially wrestling, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball. I am very outgoing, so don't be afraid to just come and ask me anything, ill probably have the answer, and if not i can find it for you. I have a great love for St. Joseph, St. Andrew, and St. Sebastian, all have taught me great lessons of my faith such as following God's will, humility  and strength in the face of persecution. I look forward to meeting you this coming year, and let me know anything you want to see included in CSF this year.

God Bless.

Treasurer: Claude David

Junior Mathematics Major from Wellington, Fl

Coming to the University of Florida, I knew that I wanted to get involve with the Catholic Gators somehow. Since I used to play violin at all the masses at my home parish, I decided to join the Music ministry. I felt very welcomed by the community at St. Augustine and God certainly had greater plans for me. I was asked to join FOCUS during the fall of my freshman year which consisted of two years of intense formation based on books, talks and discipleship. I had the opportunity to share our Catholic faith with my Bible Study, disciples and the people that I encountered. I also got involved with mission trips, retreats, service ministry, Eucharistic minister, Cantoring for mass and liturgy of the hours and many other events. I never knew that coming to college, my faith was going to affect every decision that I made. I have built very long lasting friendship with people that had a Christocentric life. For this reason, I am ready to give back and serve this community through CSF by helping with Praise and Worship, talks and fellowship. Get excited for this year, the Holy Spirit has great plans for all of us.

On a side note, I enjoy playing the violin, cello (I just started to learn), singing, cooking Haitian food, eating dessert, going on the Vatican website and listening to Christian and Classical music. I am eager to meet all of you.

Secretary: Lourdes Furnells

Anthropologist from Tampa, Florida

I came to CSF originally to please my mothers’ desire that I finally get involved with a Catholic students group. After going to my first CSF in the summer of my Freshman year I was amazed and confused to have found a group of young people who really cared and loved our Faith and wanted to grow in it. In short I went once to appease my mothers’ will and found myself unable to stop coming to see the fire of the Holy Spirit at work, something church classes before had never shown me. I was taught in the Faith by my persistent mother and have always felt a deep connection with The Lady of Lourdes, St.Bernadette, and the Archangel Raphael, all of whom help me to survive and endure the challenges that the world throws at me. I am very introverted when in big groups but you can bet that I almost always have something to say it’s just not being said, the Holy Spirit is helping me with this. I am excited for the coming year and the opportunity to serve all those in CSF because they give me hope for our generation.

My interests include painting, poetry, woodcarving, anime, hanging out with friends, oh yeah and an addiction to DC comics that allows me to answer almost any question presented to me on the topic. I look forward to meeting you this year, and in the end may Gods Will be done.

Historian: Patsy Philips

Junior Event Management major from Ocala, FL

I first got involved with the Catholic Gator community the summer of my freshman year. I was overjoyed to meet so many welcoming individuals who invited me to attend all of the great opportunities St. Augustine had to offer. Soon enough, I was attending daily mass, going to Newman and Catholic Student Fellowship every week, experiencing the Alpha and F.I.R.E retreats, attending a spring break mission trip, joining a bible study, and growing in my faith in ways I never thought possible.  I thank God for the great love I have received from this community and look forward to serving His people this year as Historian of CSF.

I enjoy smiling, braiding hair, and spending countless hours on Pinterest. I have seen every single episode of Boy Meets World and own the entire series on DVD, so let me know if you ever want to have a viewing party! I can’t wait to see your fabulous faces around St. A’s!  

Campus Outreach: Kathryne Lopez

Senior Chemistry major from Jacksonville, Fl

Entering college, I didn't think St. Augustine's would become my home away from home.  After going on the Alpha retreat my first semester at UF, I became involved in the St. A's community.  I love to sing so you'll definitely find me involved with the music ministry especially in theSunday Mass choir and the Tuesday 530 Mass student choir. At the end of my freshman year, I became a FOCUS student leader where I eventually led small group bible studies.  FOCUS, Alpha retreat, FIRE retreat, and my other involvement at St. A's really helped me deepen my faith and gave me a desire to grow more in my relationship with God. I never really took my faith seriously until I became immersed in the St. A's community.  The Catholic Gators community gave me the chance to take ownership of my faith.  God continues to bless me with this community, and I want to serve Him by giving back to this St. A's community that has welcomed me and loved me so much.
Other things I enjoy besides singing are dancing, travelling, watching movies, praying Liturgy of the Hours, serving as a liturgical minister, and fellowship with friends.  A known "secret" of mine is I love watching football, throwing the football, and I'm a hardcore Jacksonville Jaguars fan.  Come to a Gators football game with me and the Catholic Gators block!  We have fun! :)