CSF Officers

President: Lourdes Furnells

Senior Anthropology Major from Tampa, FL

I came to CSF originally to please my mothers’ desire that I finally get involved with a Catholic students' group. After going to my first CSF in the summer of my freshman year I was amazed and confused to have found a group of young people who really cared for and loved our Faith and wanted to grow in it. In short, I went once to appease my mothers’ will and found myself unable to stop coming to see the fire of the Holy Spirit at work, something church classes before had never shown me. I was taught in the Faith by my persistent mother and have always felt a deep connection with The Lady of Lourdes, St.Bernadette, and the Archangel Raphael, all of whom help me to survive and endure the challenges that the world throws at me. I am very introverted when in big groups, but you can bet that I almost always have something to say. It’s just not being said; the Holy Spirit is helping me with this. I am excited for the coming year and the opportunity to serve all those in CSF because they give me hope for our generation.

My interests include painting, poetry, woodcarving, anime, hanging out with friends - oh yeah, and an addiction to DC comics that allows me to answer almost any question presented to me on the topic. I look forward to meeting you this year, and in the end may God's Will be done.

Vice President: Patrick Arrington



Treasurer: Margaret Kelly

Sophomore Elementary Education Major from Jupiter, FL

Hello, my name is Margaret Kelly, and I'm very excited to serve you as CSF Treasurer! When I first arrived at UF last year, I hoped to get involved at the local Catholic church and make some friends there. What I did not expect was the overwhelmingly warm and authentic welcome that I would encounter at St. Augustine's, and the abundance of opportunities God would give me to get to know him, and the wonderful people around me, better (Newman Club, Alpha, the PET project, and FIRE, for example). This year I want to extend that welcome to anyone new or returning to St. Augustine's, because I believe that what we have here is just too good to miss out on.

Some things I enjoy are reading, listening to music, and drinking coffee. I hope to see you around St. A's and get to know you!

Secretary: Natalie Molina

Junior Communication Sciences and Disorders Major from Miami, FL

Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and I am so excited to serve you as secretary of CSF! Coming in Summer B of my freshman year, I made it a point to attend every Sunday Mass and try to join the choir (I love music!). I met so many wonderful people my freshman year but I didn’t get involved until my sophomore year when all of my newly found friends at St. A’s made me sign up for the Alpha retreat. It blew away all of my expectations! It was a retreat where my faith in Christ was rekindled and I found my home away from home. I quickly started going to many Catholic Gators events, like Newman Dinner, and got more involved with Music Ministry. I feel so blessed to be friends with such loving and compassionate people who have an indescribable love of God and His Church. Through the experiences I’ve had at St. A’s and the many Catholic Gators ministries and retreats (Alpha, F.I.R.E., FOCUS, CSF, Newman) that have helped me strengthen my faith, I felt compelled to give back and serve this beautiful community through CSF. I can’t wait to meet all of you this year and I hope you find your home away from home here at St. A’s!

Other than Jesus and the Catholic Church, I’m obsessed with coffee, praising God by singing, hanging around Hurley, learning about the Saints, dancing (especially salsa), and talking (I love meeting new people!). God bless!

Historian: Lexi Zawacki

Sophomore Psychology Major from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Hello everyone! I am a second year Psychology and possibly Elementary Education or FYCS major (still deciding). My home parish is Our Lady Star of the Sea in Ponte Vedra Beach. Coming to college, I wanted to continue going to Mass every Sunday and planned on getting involved in maybe one Catholic ministry. Little did I know about the abundance of faith, the desire to serve, and the love of the Lord that this community has! Now I spend as much time as I can here at St. A’s. I entered the St. Augustine’s community when I joined a Bible study during the fall semester of my freshman year. From there I joined FOCUS, started attending Newman and CSF as much as I could, went on the Alpha Retreat my first semester at UF, did Alpha Team the next semester, and went on the FIRE Retreat. My relationship with the Lord has only benefitted by being a part of the community. One of my favorite Bible verses is Luke 12: 25-26, which says, “Can any of you by worrying add a moment to your lifespan? If even the smallest things are beyond your control why are you anxious about the rest?” I knew nothing about St. Augustine’s when I first came to UF, and did not expect to grow in my faith as much as I have. I thought I was going to struggle when I came to college, but through this community God as pulled me even closer to Himself.

I enjoy talking (come talk to me  :) ), smiling, laughing, and serving in any way I can.

Campus Outreach: Tonia Borsellino

Sophomore Telecommunications Major from Boca Raton, FL

I came to college the summer before freshman year with my own idea of what I’d accomplish in college. But God had different plans and they were far greater than anything I could imagine. Catholic Gators became my family and after going on the Alpha retreat in the fall, I took every chance I could to get involved. There are so many beautiful, talented, and loving people in this community and they truly make your hunger for Christ grow even more. You can probably find me at Hurley (the student center) claiming I have work to do, singing around the church, talking, and laughing. I love Mother Teresa, Reese’s, Full House, any Gator sporting event, and salsa dancing.

Don’t be afraid to say Hi! I can’t wait to meet you and see your beautiful face around St. A’s :)