Nueva Alianza Officers

Asesora: Diana Araiza

FYCS Pre-Physical Therapy Major from Kissimmee, FL
I was blessed to be born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico. I moved to the states on my eighth birthday and grew up in a Catholic household my entire life. I have 2 younger brothers and an older sister. I love playing sports but specifically focus on soccer. Running and weightlifting are my way of coping with stress but my ultimate de-stressor is definitely prayer and meditation! 
I became involved with St. A's my second semester at UF. It was a slow process because I was a bit shy but that all went away when I went on the Alpha Retreat. It was a life changing experience for me! I had no idea how greatly God had impacted my life until coming to college. Growing up in a loving family, sheltered from many of the negative aspects of the world, I came to college with a somewhat different perspective than others. The first task I took on was not looking for the hottest clubs in town or exploring all that UF had to offer, instead, the very first thing I did was search for the closest church in town and how to get there. I knew God was priority and I wanted to make Him know I was seeking his guidance in my new life as a college student. I have heard many people say that college is the time to go wild, have fun, try new things, etc. It's funny how different I have interpreted these words. I "go wild" by evangelizing God's word, I "have fun" by sharing my faith with those who most need it, and I "try new things" by growing deeper in my faith. I know we all have a mission in this world and my only wish is to fulfill mine by uplifting my Father's name. 

Tesorera: Luis Chong

Sophmore Industrial and Systems Engineering major from Jacksonville, FL

Hi, I'm Luis Chong. I'm a 2nd year Industrial and Systems engineer at UF. I was born in Panama city, Panama but I've lived in Jacksonville most of my life. I grew up Catholic, but my family never really pushed me to follow my faith and they would rarely even attend mass. When I came to UF I was extremely dedicated to only studying and joined a soccer team so I could stay active. One day my captain asked me to go with her to Nueva Alianza, since she was an officer there, and I haven't stopped going ever since. They were so welcoming and were completely fine with the fact that I didn't know much of my faith or almost never attended mass anymore. After going to the Alpha Retreat on Spring 2013, I became much more involved at St. A's and met even more friends outside of Nueva Alianza that I could have ever imagined. Everyone is this community is just so in love with following God and wanting to share that joy with everyone else. This year I am now even living with two friends I met in church!I can't wait to help reach out to new students and help them feel accepted to this community just like I did.

Historiadora: Beatriz Navaro

Junior FYCS major from South Florida 

Hola! My name is Beatriz Navarro. I am a junior studying Family, Youth, And Community Sciences. After my undergrad I hope to pursuit a masters in Physician Assistant. I was born in Long Island, New York and at 3 months my family decided to Move to South Florida and ever since i have remained in the beautiful sunshine state.  My parents are from El Salvador and have always taught me the importance of my culture and faith. Service has been my passion. As the First Generation student from my family to attend a university I am truly bless of the opportunity possible with God's grace. Logging more than 400 hours in High school and now in college I continue to volunteer around the community and with other organizations, I just love to help. I am happy to be Historian for Nueva Alianza this year in order to welcome new and returning members to the ministry and  kick off events for 2013-2014 Year. GO GATORS!!!