Parking for Class!

Posted on Aug 21, 2013 in Archived

Parking for Class!

Save on your parking at St. Augustine Parish…

We have reduced our parking pass rates! Our gated parking lot is located behind the church and across the street from the University of Florida. Any of the businesses on University Avenue, the UF stadium, and the campus itself are located within a few minutes walk! Passes are valid from January 3rd until May 3rd!


Debit Pass                                          50 hours                                      $90.00

   Debit Pass                                           100 hours                                       $140.00

Semester Pass                              UNLIMITED HOURS                         $290.00

We also have a coupon on our hourly parking rates to help our students find cheap, convenient parking for their campus needs!

 possible-coupon-1.png (PNG Image, 500Ê*Ê200 pixels)

Simply click and print these coupons and present them when you come to park!

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